6 business podcasts to listen to while squished on the Luas!

Graham Morris on July 04, 2019

Gone are the days when you had to put up with some sickly slick radio DJ laugh at their own jokes while you made your way in to work. Podcasts have saved us! Now you can nourish your mind with brain food in the form of riveting conversation and insightful brainwaves, usually complemented by a generous side of wit. Podcasts may be a worldwide phenomenon, but Ireland really has welcomed them with open arms. Did you know that 2 in 5 Irish news consumers regularly listen to podcasts? According to a Reuters report, this puts Ireland well above the EU average.

But what is everyone listening to? We’re recommending 6 business podcasts to get your brain cells whirring no matter how groggy you are on Monday mornings!

Learn something new with these deadly business podcasts!

1) Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

If you ever wanted to ask a Silicon Valley investor what the magic ingredients to success are, then this is the perfect podcast for you. Reid Hoffman was a member of the board of directors when Paypal started and went on to become its COO. He was also the co-founder and executive officer of LinkedIn. Since then he has continued to be a prolific venture capitalist, with current investments in Airbnb, Gixo, Nauto, Xapo, Blockstream, Coda, Convoy, Apollo Fusion, Aurora and Entrepreneur First. There is no doubt anyone in business could learn more than a thing or two from listening to this guy!

2) The Broad Experience

This is a fantastically intelligent podcast that’s all about the female experience and perspective in the workplace. It’s one of the lesser known podcasts, but it hasn’t been missed by the big players such as Fortune, the New York Times and The Financial Times who have only had good things to say. Hosted by journalist and radio reporter, Ashley Milne-Tyte, the podcast navigates controversial topics with a calm and candid air that makes these 20-minute episodes easy on the ear whatever your mood.

3) Seth Godin’s Start-up School

Seth Godin once said that “Marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice” and, if you’re at all interested in marketing, this man is difficult not to notice! Author of 15 books and former dot com business executive, Godin has wisdom to share when it comes to building for success, which is why in this podcast he guides 30 entrepreneurs through a workshop on how to grow their businesses. This podcast isn’t new, being released in 2013, but if for some reason it passed you by then you need to check it out now!

4) Creative Mornings

How do you get inspired? It’s a good question to ask yourself because inspiration doesn’t just come naturally. You have to seek it out! Lucky for us, Creative Mornings is a motivational goldmine. This podcast is a breakfast lecture series that gets into the minds of creative types, whether they are artists, business owners, community leaders or hometown heroes. With fantastic talks from the likes of thought leader Simon Sinek, record producer Bryan Todd and entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, your neurons will no doubt be sparking off each other with fresh ideas while listening to this one.

5) The Future of Work

Bestselling author and speaker, Jacob Morgan, is taking a microscope to what work looks like now and where it’s headed. The podcast deals with HR concerns regarding how to motivate staff, the role of technology in work, leadership as well as the psychology behind success. What makes this podcast really standout is the access Morgan has to influential business people, such as CEO of IDEO, Tim Brown, President of Operations and Technology at Mastercard, Ed McLaughlin and President and CEO of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, Christy Gillenwater.

6) Inside Business

Inside Business is a podcast from The Irish Times, hosted by their business editor Ciarán Hancock. If you’re looking for a podcast to dip into to keep on top of Irish business and economics, this is it. Tackling hot topics such as the national broadband plan, sky-high rents and tech stocks, while also asking burning questions such as are there simply too many restaurants in Dublin (there really is an awful lot of them!), Hancock does a good job of bringing us up close and personal with the big issues facing Ireland today.

So, whether you’re going for a jog, trying to escape the dreaded commute, waiting for your flight to board or working out at the gym, listening to one of these business podcasts is going to keep you educated, informed as well as entertained. The great thing about podcasts is that they are an easy and effective way to optimise your time that doesn’t involve staring at a digital screen for a change! Really, what’s not to love about podcasts?

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