Wind down your business for Christmas the right way

Ugly jumpers are enjoying their annual outing from the back of the wardrobe, Mariah Carey’s 1994 hit is in the air and the heating bill is a topical point of…

Graham Morris on December 10, 2019


Predicting Irish workplace trends for 2020

Did you know that January is THE prime time for doing a recruitment drive? In our industry, we like to call this time of year “the golden recruitment window” because…

Graham Morris on November 04, 2019


How to build a winning ecommerce team!

There is no better time for Irish businesses to break into the ecommerce space because we are a nation that simply loves to shop online! According to PwC, Irish consumers…

Graham Morris on October 07, 2019


How to hire talent with the right digital skills in Ireland

Struggling to recruit the right digital talent? You’ve probably heard by now that there is a digital skills shortage, but did you know that we also tend to widely overestimate…

Graham Morris on September 02, 2019


Pride yourself on being a great multitasker? Think again!

Would you be miffed with us if we told you that you’re not a multitasker but you’re actually a task switcher? Don’t shoot the messenger! According to business coach, David…

Graham Morris on August 07, 2019


6 business podcasts to listen to while squished on the Luas!

Gone are the days when you had to put up with some sickly slick radio DJ laugh at their own jokes while you made your way in to work. Podcasts…

Graham Morris on July 04, 2019


Beat the 3pm slump with these energy boosting hacks!

It happens to the best of us. You’re sitting at your desk and the office clock ticks to 3pm. With almost perfect timing, your eyes glaze over. The lure of…

Graham Morris on May 30, 2019


How to turn passive employees into office heroes!

Do you have passive employees in your midst? Sometimes they’re obvious, the underachievers who switched to autopilot the moment the novelty of having a new job wore off. Others gradually…

Graham Morris on May 09, 2019


How to earn employee buy-in when only 44% of the Irish public say they trust businesses

Every year, Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, draws up their Trust Barometer report to reveal just how trusting or sceptical the current climate is towards society’s most influential…

Graham Morris on April 04, 2019


65% of employees use the internet during work for non-work purposes

Modern technology – whether it transpires in the form of productivity solutions, chat tools or business intelligence software – enables companies across the globe to be smarter, faster and more…

Graham Morris on March 12, 2019

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