Our 2018 forecast: keeping you up to date with the Irish job market

We’re at that time of year when candidates always ask for snapshots of how we, as recruiters, see the Irish market developing in the near future and where we expect…

Keith Mcloughlin on January 11, 2018


Explaining gaps in your CV

Gaps in your CV will look like mysterious and empty spaces to prospective employers who are suspicious of time not accounted for and may fear the worst. Were you hospitalized,…

Graham Morris on December 14, 2017


Guest blog: leaving your job to start a business

This month, we’re featuring a guest post by the co-founder of Buymie, Devan Hughes. How to leave your cushy 9 to 5 and start your own business (without risking everything!)  …

Graham Morris on October 31, 2017


Global recruiting trends for 2017

This report is based on a survey of over 4,000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries conducted by LinkedIn. All respondent were all at manager level or higher. The…

Graham Morris on September 14, 2017


Keeping pace with marketing data science

What kind of marketing department do you have? In a recent analysis of the Irish marketing industry by Core Media, we see five distinct clusters of marketing departments emerging in…

Graham Morris on August 10, 2017


Future Digital Marketing Industry Trends

2016 may well prove to be the catalyst year for the 21st century; the year that everything began to change. The stability that was believed to be maintained within Europe…

Graham Morris on July 27, 2017

Advice/Career/Interview Tips

Preparing for a competency-based interview

What are competency-based interviews? Competency-based interviews are used to test three specific areas – knowledge, skills and attitudes. Each question is designed to test one or more of these specific…

Graham Morris on July 13, 2017


Is your company millennial-friendly?

By 2020, millennials will account for 50% of the global workforce. But who exactly are they? Born between 1980 and 2000, this is a generation entering the workforce in vast numbers…

Graham Morris on June 13, 2017


Getting your foot in the door – a digital marketing graduate’s story

by David Magee I’m a 25-year-old digital marketing graduate who is currently looking for a position in my hometown of Dublin – and I know I’m not the only one!…

Graham Morris on June 08, 2017


Digital Marketing Courses – Dublin – Night Courses

Do you fancy becoming a Digital Marketing Guru? All over the world digital marketing is now an essential skillset for any business hoping to thrive in this digital age. However,…

Graham Morris on May 10, 2017

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