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Connexus Recruit identifies high-caliber talent with the potential to transform organisational performance. We understand the challenges of digital roles. Our use of innovative processes and systems means that we deliver a level of service unlike any other recruiter in Ireland.

By partnering with Connexus Recruit, you will reduce your time to hire and ensure greater return on investment.

Permanent recruitment

We offer both a contingency recruitment solution and a retained search for permanent hires. This type of recruitment requires an in-depth knowledge of your industry and market, which our specialisation in digital allows us. Coupled with this knowledge is our pro-active approach: matching a detailed understanding of the role with the most stringent research to identify only the very best candidates.

We never limit our search to the candidates actively seeking opportunities, as this only equates to 15% of the total available talent pool. The best candidates are normally happily employed and well looked-after; they’re therefore rarely looking for a new position. This passive talent is the one that we scour the market for.

Our identification and selection process is based on a thorough appreciation of your own organisational culture, the niche skills and experience requirements of the role, and of course the competitive landscape. Behind every executive placement lies a strong network and relationships with the highest levels of seniority. The key to engaging with talent is the ability to present the opportunity as a profound value proposition; this is our main strength.


Contract & interim

Our contract division works to the same stringent process as our permanent division. We understand the skill sets and capabilities required for these candidates, and can deliver effective solutions for both contract and interim situations.

We can source the best individuals, with specialist skills and experience, who will hit the ground running and provide high value to your organisation. We are also able to mobilise a team of interim consultants to deliver complex digital projects within your specific scope.

We have an extensive network of both clients and candidates in Creative, Marketing, Technology and Sales, which we are constantly expanding, and can successfully place the perfect candidate for urgent vacancies. We specialise in contract recruitment, fixed-term contract, and daily and hourly rate. We help to cover gaps as a result of maternity leave, sickness and short to long-term project-based work.

Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a key component of smart recruitment strategies. By understanding where the best talent is, you can plan ahead and respond in a fluid way to the current recruitment landscape. Talent Mapping is the best way to save time and money when it comes to replacing crucial team members; it’s a proactive strategy for optimum workforce planning.

At Connexus Recruit, we carry out talent mapping by building market intelligence around the company, the role and the department – identifying the individuals who may be desirable in the future. However, we don’t engage directly with candidates at this point; talent mapping is about providing employers with the best intelligence for the biggest business impact.


Talent Pipelining

As your trusted recruitment consultant, Connexus Recruit can develop your talent pipeline in two ways. Firstly, we can identify the high-potential assets within your organisation, monitoring their performance and ensuring that they are exposed to the right learning opportunities. Secondly, we can mobilise our networks (both local and international) to nurture relationships with the type of talent your organisation is going to need.

This proactive approach to strategic hiring is of benefit to both clients and candidates. Organisations that implement talent pipelining can open up a flow of high-quality candidates that are guaranteed to be a cultural fit within the company. By creating a pool of candidates who are qualified to assume open positions that have either been newly created or vacated, your organisation can keep times to hire at a minimum and maximise team productivity.


Our associate team combines over half a century of hands-on business engagement and support with a specific interest and focus on recruitment and talent; be that acquisition or retention or growth. Our technological understanding, fast-paced change management abilities, and knowledge of the EMEA marketplace make us an invaluable partner for mentoring and support.

We offer services such as site selection and foreign direct investment, and have a dedicated team specialising in all matters relating to human resources and recruitment – in either an advisory or execution function. We also support a number of clients to identify, research, and select appropriate nearshoring and offshoring locations across EMEA.

We partner with companies to develop organisational talent sourcing strategies focused on identifying, engaging and sourcing passive talent. Our approach can significantly reduce time to hire and improve the quality of hires.



Our founder and Managing Director, Graham Morris, is regularly called on to provide training on behalf of various professional bodies and organisations. He also provides one-on-one coaching to candidates and employees in areas such as career development, psychometric preparation and assessment, interview preparation and performance.

What our clients say

“Graham is genuinely the most helpful and engaging recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Graham found me the perfect job and coached me through a long and difficult interview process, giving me very helpful suggestions and ensuring that I was confident enough with whatever task I had to do next. He was always on hand to answer any questions I had, throughout the many weeks of the process.”

Aisling Scollard

“I would highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for a job, he is a cut above the rest. I was successful with my job application in the end, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without Graham’s help, professionalism and sheer determination.”

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Branding, Content, CRM, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Insights, Marketing, Partnerships/Affiliates, Research, PPC, SEO, Product/Propositions, Social Media/Community, Web Analytics


Account Management, Channel Sales, Enterprise Sales, Alliance Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Director

Creative & Design

UX / UI, Customer experience, Design, UX Design, UX Research, UI Design, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Creative Direction

Data & Analytics

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Insight, Data Warehousing, Web Analytics, Insight Analytics

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