Operations Manager (COO Designate)



salary offering€ - €

additional salary infoStock Options, Health insurance, Laptop & Wellness Allowance

role type

start dateQ1 2018


Our client is a consumer-facing brand, with websites and mobile apps which help customers find great quality products which can be brought to them to satisfy their needs any time day or night. They’re a logistics company, directing a fleet of pickers around major cities using a dedicated native app. They’re a partner with large and medium grocery chains and global brands, who see them as a way to unlock access to new customers and thus maximise the revenue of their existing business, and who interact with them in several ways. With that, as they scale they will be developing a home for numerous internal teams, with internally facing tools for customer service, finance, and others, to keep the operation as efficient as possible.

Key Outputs

  • Full overview and responsibility for platform operations
  • Direct management of customer service team as well as oversight of picker community management team
  • Use of historic data to set and optimise picker scheduling, matching supply and demand.
  • Report on and analyse picker community performance and core commercial and operational KPIs
  • Management of working capital and cash-flow systems
  • Direct engagement and partnership with product management team to improve technical capabilities
  • Rigorous long-form analyses on operational processes
  • Internal system development and innovation
  • Responsible for structuring contractor training systems & technology implementation
  • Monthly & quarterly commercial and operational reporting directly to the board

What does the person need to be successful?

  • Experience with hiring, training and managing people
  • Experience with managing projects in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Entrepreneurial experience, whether in a startup, small business or side project
  • Adept at using technology and tools to do things better and faster
  • Ability to analyse data, make decisions, and execute efficiently
  • Ability to work hard, hustle, and get things done
  • 3-5 years of professional work experience
  • Experience in grocery/delivery business for a big retailer a bonus
  • Bachelors degree

What is the successful candidate doing now?

This person is an operations manager or area manager in a business that uses technical, data driven systems to operate efficiently. They likely work within the FMCG market for a large brand and/or grocery retailer.

Why would a top person want this job?

A top person would want this job because they are seeking a role that has true ownership and responsibility with the potential for unlimited upside gain. They want to step out from the crowd and be a leader in the platform/sharing economy industry. They want to solve problems that others are too afraid to tackle and be seen as a thought leader in their field. They want to be a part of a business that is changing the way the world works.

What are the KPIs associated with this role?

  • Number of customer complaint cases
  • Customer complaint response times
  • Accurate budget planning and execution
  • Independent contractor performance against KPIs
  • Feedback from other team members
  • Operational performance and overall business performance (revenue, retailer performance, retention, etc.)

What will the person learn?

  • How a business is built from the ground up (financing, team development, KPI development)
  • How to approach and disrupt an established business market
  • They will have unlimited upside potential with a direct ownership in the business
  • The purpose of this role is to move upward into a senior management/director role within 24 months as the business expands and the team grows

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